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2023 GPCC Men’s Night Rules and Information


Tuesday's =  5:15pm

Thursday's = 6:00pm

The schedule for the 2023 season is NOW AVAILABLE for Tuesday while Thursday's schedule for week one is posted with the rest to be uploaded in the coming days.

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  1. The Rules of Golf shall apply to all play (New Rules of Golf in effect as of March 15/22).
  2. All golfers must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. All matches will be played in the 2-man Best Ball Format.
  4. In order to accurately calculate and track player handicaps, all holes must have a score marked down. If there is no score marked, the player will receive a PAR for that hole.
  5. Handicaps will be calculated independently of Tuesday/Thursday leagues.
  6. Handicaps will be updated for the week by midnight each Monday.
  7. The winner of each match shall be clearly marked on the score card when submitted at the end of each match.
  8. Please contact your opponent to reschedule or cancel any match that you cannot make.
  9. Any matches where no scorecard is submitted will be assumed to have not been played and will result in the teams showing one less game played in the standings.
  10. For playoffs, any substitutes must be a Men’s League member.
  11. Two (2) Meal Nights will be held throughout the year. Dates to be announced.
  12. Blind Calcutta will be held for Tuesday Night Playoffs. Teams will be drawn from a hat prior to the first week of playoffs. Should a team choose not to participate, their selection will be allowed to be bought for $20.00.
  13. Thursday Night Calcutta Auction will be held prior to the start of playoffs. Date will be announced.